BLUE ATOLL is an online brand of Swimwear for all sizes, offering a range of styles, from Classic and Fashion to the most Chic model. Our Swim Shorts will go with you on your travels and may become the most memorable ones! We are very excited to announce our New Men´s Swimwear Collection.

All Swim Shorts are made individually paying attention to detail, using best quality fabrics on the market. Our seamstresses and the BLUE ATOLL team work with passion, dedication and taking care of details when making swim shorts


Among our Exclusive Beachwear Collection for men, you can choose from many shapes: Photographic, Geometric, Solids, Floral, Tropical, Striped, Camu, Polca Dots prints, with animals

As we all know, there are many different personalities in this world and that is fantastic! We all have our own unique thoughts, tastes and Style. That is why we have made a Collection for all tastes. All BLUE ATOLL have an Ultra-Fast Drying system, soft to the touch, providing comfort and Freedom of movement when you wear it, without losing its shape over time.

Our Swimwear Collection

Our garment the Swim Short, on the beach or pool, becomes a second skin, so you have to choose a Swim Suit that helps you stay comfortable and makes you feel better. Our Men’s Swimwear Brand is characterized by Exclusivity and Sophistication. A collection that includes trends most requested by people seeking comfort, yet good taste in clothing. At Blue Atoll, we reflect in our Swim Suits the Quality, latest Trends and the versatility of our garments.

Seven different styles to wear:


Vivid Colours are always a hit in warmer and sunny days. For our Solid Collection we have chosen Bright Shapes like Nectarine (our Pinky), Coral (Orange), Deep Blue and Turquoise. Colour tones that will hit this season, filling of colour and joy our beaches. Keep your style full of energy and personality!

FLORAL COLLECTION: Who doesn´t like Tropical Prints? Patterns that gives your Summery Look, a funny and modern touch to your Style. One of the things we like most about fashion is discovering new Colour shades and New Prints. There are infinite combinations to mix and match, of which seven have been chosen.

Colours and prints from most Daring Designs (Jasmin or Hawaii because of their fantastic shade tones combination) to more “casual” (such as the popular pattern of Palm Leaf or Ivy, a Swim Short with discreet flowers and soft colours).

If you like green and orange, you’ll love Cinnamon Swim Suit. We also have created an exclusive Asian-style pattern which we have called Japadrise.

Always maintaining that Elegance and Good Dress to feel comfortable on the beach or pool this summer.


This kind of print with images is the latest in the world of fashion. Original photographic patterns that will make you notice wherever you go this summer. You will stand out your personality wearing any of our nine distinct models.

Undoubtedly we wanted to include a beautiful image of flamingos in a lake, the most summery, trendy and colourful Swimwear, Miami.

Village is a swim short inspired by the famous houses in Burano (Venice) full of colour in the middle of a water channel.

Party  is a swimsuit full of young soul with people silhouettes enjoying a concert. We wanted to capture that unique moment, full of energy, so fun and summery.

Penguin is a swimwear with a funny group of penguins image. You will undoubtedly capture the attention of many people wearing this original design.

Resort, a photographic motif printed swimwear, a resort picture full of flattering blue shades. Bold and elegant, this print will hit this summer!

We also wanted to include a design for motor lovers. Driving is a “vintage” look, in yellow and green tones which give a very special touch to the swimwear. Wear on these colours is an excellent way to brighten up your look.

With the Lake model we wanted to express that relaxing feel in a lake in the middle of the valley in a special weekend. Undoubtedly a unique and original print in soft tones mixed with more vivid ones such as red, green and navy blue. An exclusive design without any doubt!

We could not resist including this beautiful skyscraper landscape in a light blue background. With no doubt Skyline is an exclusive photographic print.

A swimsuit to highlight wherever you go is Snow, a beautiful image of the snowy landscape, combined with a flattering deep blue. You will stand out due to your originality.


We have included prints with animals in our collection. Do you want to feel free wearing our funny swimsuit designs with hummingbirds, penguins and exotic toucans? It is without question a range of swimsuits designed for friendly to animals and cheerful people. Our Polar swimsuit has a light cold blue background with some funny penguins. Bird has a deep blue background, a colour with personality same as hummingbirds. Finally Toucan has a vivid blue background, giving a warmer and more cheerful tone that reminds us the Caribbean weather.

GEOMETRIC COLLECTION: A more classic collection never out of fashion. Looks that will make you feel comfortable and secure at the beach or pool this summer. Seven beautiful models with original shapes and colours for different tastes, always according to the latest trends.

3D and Triangle, two bold geometric designs because of their original shapes in blue. Arrow is a classic and elegant swimwear in black. Newland is a youthful look design, made in light blue and orange. Also we wanted to give a little homage to that toy with different geometric forms called “kaleidoscope“. You could observe different forms thanks to the objects inside. In pastel tones, Whistle is a swim short with a unique and exclusive design. Finally, Tear is a swimsuit with small tear shapes in light blue and pink in a white background.

STRIPES COLLECTION: Three exclusive designs, two with draw vertical lines, made in blue-white and in turquoise-white. Flamingo is less conventional, with lines draw in horizontal in navy blue and white which include fashionable flamingos.


It Includes more classic prints such as polka dots, camouflage, waves and more daring designs such as Pineapple (as could be expected, we have included fashionable pineapples in our collection) and Brushstroke (one of the most exclusive and original style simulating it has been painted by greenish brush strokes in white background). Trendy is a range of swimwear that reflects personality and you will not go unnoticed wherever you go this summer.