Personalised your own swimwear

In case you want a pattern or a design that is really bespoke and totally personal to you, we encourage you to design your own “BLUE ATOLL”men´s swimwear, customise a unique and the original one. We can create a fully personalised pair of Swim Shorts, based on the picture or print you wish, it will be designed exclusivery by yourself. You can count on our full support if you wish. We will take care of the printing, manufacturing and arrange the shipment within 15 days.

Blue Atoll swimwear was born after many years of solid experience in the textile sector, particularly in the men´s swimwear division. We provide you with opportunity to choose the fabric patterns, colours or photographs you like, so that you can wear it on the summer time.

Use your creativity to make a difference and showcase your talent. Explore our “inspiration” section and choose the swim short designs you like it more. Follow the 3 easy steps on our website and design your own swimwear. Your own custom swimsuit will be with you very shortly!