How to choose the perfect Swimwear for Men?

There is no doubt for us that the star of the summer is our garment, the Swim Short. It is the only sign of identity when you are at the beach or pool. Therefore, do not underestimate the aesthetic power of a good quality Swinwear, able to re-define your figure and appearance. It can make a regular body end up adopting an extraordinary expression.

Choosing a perfect Men´s Swimwear is more than the simple aesthetic of the garment, there are different lengths, materials, prints … and finding the best Bathing Suit makes you feel more comfortable and confidence about your appearance.

Fit is central to every garment at Blue Atoll and it´s what makes our swim shorts special. All our swimwear feature our fully functional signature elasticated waistband and a drawstring fastening for a perfect fit, extra movement and flexibility.

Elastic or Inelastic Swimwear?

Referring to the fabric elasticity, there are two types: Elastic men´s swimwear which are tighter and smaller, and not elastic. At Blue Atoll, we have chosen a quick dry, not elasticated tissue, as its similar appearance to that of a pair of shorts. Made with a soft and lightweight 100% polyester quality fabric and an ultra fast drying system.

Mid-lengh Swim Shorts, the most popular.

Regarding to the cut of the Swimsuit, there are several lengths: Boxers and Slips also known as Briefs are better fits for well muscled bodies and not too tall. To-the-knee Trunks, the favorite ones for surfers and finally, the most popular,  mid-lengh Swim Shorts, which ensures freedom of movement and comfort.

The best colour/print based on your skin tone and personality.

When choosing a colour or pattern you should think about your skin tone and personality. If you are naturally fair then you may avoid bright or neon hues. If you have darker skin you can wear vivid colours. Black, navy, dark colours are always a safe bet whoever you are. Furthermore, colour and pattern, are an extension of your personality. An extrovert person feels more comfortable with a zany print. While soft colours fit better with that people who doesn´t like to be the centre of attention.

At Blue Atoll we have chosen a mid-lengh, soft, quick-drying and lightweight Swimwear. We have selected very carefully the design of each of our Swim short, based on the latest trends for this Summer. Buy our New Collection in our Shop.